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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Thursday Freebies

I have a ridiculous collection of ephemera - some of which is still hidden away in boxes from when I crumpled my life last year.  Slowly the bits and pieces are emerging. 

About 2 years ago I bought a job lot of ephemera when a local junk/ antique/ flea market was closing down.  The box contained many photos and memories from the same family and it's interesting to see the young boys grow up through the photographs.  Sad to as it seems that this box of memories was just left to a house clearance company.  Sometimes I'm not sure what to do with these photographs - afterall - these people are nothing to do with me.  But should I use the actual photographs in art?  Or just copies?  I've decided that copies (there are a few enlargements and copies) are ok to use in art.  I've still not decided what to do with the others - for now I'm going through them and copying them bit by bit.  Any Carte de Visites and backed photographs will be kept as is though.
Anyway - here's a random bunch of ephemera that I have for you to play with:

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