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Friday, 30 March 2012

So it's been a while ...

... and I've been missing playing with paper ephemera, creating a mess and sharing sharing sharing.

I've unfortunately been knocked down with the worst flu bug I've ever had in my life.  The first four/ five days were spent with a fever, hallucinating, weak, feeble and sweating to the point where I dreamed I was drowning.  Thankfully the severity of that has passed and I'm now simply exhausted and full of mucus (tmi?).  The enforced sick leave has left me feeling very stressed and depressed - which was thankfully relieved by one website yesterday ... DEVIANT SCRAP RETURNED MY SANITY!

Last year I'd downloaded a couple of kits from there; unfortunately I lost them when a hard drive had a bit of a hissy fit - thankfully the wonderful Hollie returned the keys to me so I could use the kits again.  On top of that my bank balance groaned (they're really not expensive at all!) as I bought more and more kits.  I just found my creative juices over-flowing and my mind was kept from stress and the big-D!

I've been creating journal layouts to build on - here are a few:

 You can see the whole set here on Flickr - with the links to the kits used.

I've also started to do some writing paper - I can never find writing paper that I like so this seemed to be the solution:

For details about the kits used go to the Flickr set here



  1. These pages are wonderful! I love what you've done! I love Deviant Scrap too. My favorite is TumbleFish... ; )

  2. Thanks so much :) I feel like my mojo has returned! Yup - Tumble Fish is my fave too! ALWAYS loved her work and to be able to use her resources too is a dream!