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Saturday, 28 April 2012

My first free digital collage kit :)

I've been writing letters again.  My spate of creating my own writing paper has encouraged me to start writing letters - and sending post-cards.  I signed up for Postcrossing and received my first post-card from Germany yesterday.  A lovely vintage style Peacock:

Postcrossing #1 - DE-1351982 
Advertising a store that the sender said is now defunct.

I also arrived home from a particularly shitty day at work last week to a surprise - someone had written to me from Flickr and wanted to swap mail art with me.  I promptly sent off a letter, a few sheets of my writing paper and this envelope to her:

I really enjoyed making the envelope but I think coupled with my writing paper it was a bit 'sensory overload'!  But I definitely think I might start making more envelopes and writing paper.  Perhaps even give-away some sets.

TIME - Mail art
Click on image to read credits.

 Anyway - as always - let me know what you think?  Should I create my own writing paper and envelope sets?  Would someone like to try them out for me if I made a set of 3 sheets and envelopes?  I'll send it to you for free and you can let me know what needs changing or whether 'the girl done good' :)
If you want me to send you a set please email me at: fidgetrainbowtree@gmail.com

Finally - I've made a mini-digital collage kit that you can download for free from here. It's a set of postage marks, stamps and bits and bobs.  Usual TOU apply - enjoy.

Vintage Postal Digital Collage Kit #1 - FREE


  1. "But I definitely think I might start making more envelopes and writing paper."

    --> Hurray!! That's totally AWESOME news :D

  2. Thanks - I hope you like what I do :)

  3. YAY - more lush lush goodies - I would love to see if the girld done good.

    Have dropped you email Polly.

    LOVIN' all the writing papers and envies, and you've inspired me to attempting making my own papers although haven't been brave enough yet to try envies!

    Keep up the good work hun.