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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Midnight Reverie

Recently I went for a drink and meal with my ex-husband.  He told me about The Night Circus and said that as soon as he started reading it he thought of me and knew I would love it.  I decided to pick it up from WHSmith's on the way to work one morning - unusual for me as I usually only buy books second-hand.  I fell in love with it instantly.  It was so magical.

Imagine my surprise when a week later my favourite place on the web, Deviant Scrap, released the Midnight Reverie collaborations based on this wonderful book.

I instantly bought a handful of the kits (enough to get the freebie too) and prepared to create.  I didn't get time until tonight ...

What do you see?
You can see Celia and Marco here - not quite seeing the grey man - virtually see-through - creating their world and manipulating them through the game.
It is time

Poppet and Widget - the red-haired twins born on the inaugural night of the Cirque de Reve - invite you to join in the fun. 

Please click on the photos for the full credits.

Monday, 30 July 2012

Three Muses Challenge - Steampunk

The word makes me so annoyed ... don't ask why ... it's a culmination of bad experiences and other things ... however I love the steampunk look.  So seeing this challenge did make me internally scream however I really wanted to play around with a couple of new kits I'd bought from Deviantscrap so I thought I'd put aside my prejudices and have a go at Steampunking up Benedict Cumberbatch.

Three Muses Challenge - Steampunk
Credits: Rucola and Mr Whiskers

Take A Word Challenge - Butterflies

For credits click on image.

Eduardo Recife - inspired by Digitalmania

I'd love to have more time to create.  Yesterday was my first day off in months - I'm finally on Summer Break after an exhausting summer term and summer school for a week.  I'm just looking forward to relaxing, sorting out the flat, seeing friends and family and simply having Polly-time!

One of my favourite challenges that I've discovered is the Digitalmania challenge on Flickr.  Each week they choose an artist or a movement to inspire us; and I have to say that I have been VERY inspired by some of the choices.

This week was Eduardo Recife and I have fallen head over heels in love with his work:

I tried to do justice to his brilliant work in my own 'inspired' piece:

 [click on the image for credits]

Not quite there but I was pleased with it!
I think I will try some more 'inspired' pieces later though.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Letting Go ..


I'm hoping that I can create a digital collage a day for my digital art journal.  This is day one created entirely from Crowabout Studio B's kits over at Deviant Scrap.

I've had a week off work this week as it's been half term. I didn't have anything planned for the week however now it's Friday and the guilt is setting in that I haven't done anything productive.  Our studio still needs sorting, there's washing to be done, the bedroom needs a spring clean ... and I've spent a lot of the week slobbing on the sofa, doing bits and pieces for my Etsy shop and to be honest, sleeping.  I've been sleeping A LOT.

What annoys me is that I'm making myself feel guilty!  WHY?  I've worked my ass off this school year and I need this break - especially seeings as I'm doing two weeks of summer school as well.

So this is me, just letting it go, letting the guilt fly away and enjoying my last couple of days of peace and quiet.