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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Crowabout Challenge, zetti me and furry additions

Nancy's collage sheets have always inspired me to try out different things.  Today was no different. Here is my collage based on this week's sheet:

Collage Play With Crowabout - Fairy Land Frolics
Click on image to see credits

Later today we should be welcoming two more furry residents to our household.  We are adopting two rescue cats tomorrow and here they are:
Yes, these do look like 'Wanted' photographs for cats - they look properly narked don't they?  Poor things are about 18 months old and were found in a dustbin in Peckham.  They've been with the rescue centre for a couple of months and are still really shy.
We know it's going to take time and patience to draw them out of their shells but hopefully they are going to enjoy life with us.  We've already set out their area in our living room as they'll be living in just the one room for a week or so until they gain their confidence in us.  Currently they are named Brooke and Bonnie.  I don't think they're going to stay with those names.  Our current favourites are:
Bandersnatch Cumberband (after Benedict Cumberbatch spell-checks)
Phillomena Daggart (after a name we discovered in Nunhead Cemetery - Philander Daggart)
However - these names might just be too pretentious and crap.  We shall see.  I don't think we'll name them until they've lived with us for a while.
Hopefully I can post some photos of them tomorrow in our home - unless they spend the whole time hidden under the sofa!

Edit: Some time later!
I still can't sleep so I've been up making these horrid little digital zetti dolls of myself:
This was the first one and I look very moody although I do like it!  It's very me! ha ha: 
Zetti Me - For Deviant Scrap Challenge 
 Then I did this one where I look a bit, well, special in the head!: Zetti Me #2 
 And finally I did this one, which isn't really zetti but it's a 'doll' of me - that's NOTHING like me: Zetti Me #3 

 Go to Tumble Fish Studios blog for more details on how to zetti yourself :)

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